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WorkToday is a leader of workforce solutions industry offering career opportunities to workers from European countries who would like to work in the Netherlands. We have excellent active networks in Poland, Romania, Spain and of course the Netherlands. WorkToday always succeeds in establishing valuable cooperation between the candidates and recruiting companies.

WorkToday does not rush in the process of matching a candidate to a career opportunity in a company. First of all we only work with candidates that have the appropriate skills and qualifications. Moreover, we make sure that the expectations of both the employees, and the employers are fulfilled. For that purpose we verify the requirements of our customers and the expectations on addition to skills of the candidates. This entire process enables WorkToday to provide the temporary employee with detailed information about the company they will be employed at and inform the customer what can be expected of the candidate. Ensuring that all parties find solutions fit to their needs is the priority for WorkToday.

WorkToday is active in the following sectors:

  • food
  • logistics
  • production

Let our methods convince you.

Our mission:
The goal of WorkToday is to establish temporary employment relationships between candidates from various European countries and the employers.

Our vision:
“Temporary employment can only work when you know your candidates and customers comprehensively and each of the parties is provided with extensive information on the other”.

Our key values:
To ensure we fulfil our mission every day, WorkToday was founded on specific values. These six key values are our source of inspiration and a reference point for our activity. They are:

  • ambition
  • honesty
  • passion
  • open communication
  • availability
  • friendliness


W razie potrzeby prosimy o kontakt telefoniczny z naszym zespołem rekruterów:

👉 Basia: +48 509-541-638;
👉 Ada: +48 503-980-926;
👉 Sabina: +48 500-260-015;
👉 Wiola: +48 509-124-809.

Można telefonować również na numer naszego biura w Opolu, które działa stacjonarnie. Telefon: 00 48 77 541 70 22.

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